conoline.vim by miyakogi


This plugin highlights the line of the cursor, only in the current window. The colors change according to the mode (normal/insert). Colors in each mode are independently customizable.

This plugin is inspired by this post:


Dark colorscheme (slateblue)

Screencast with dark colorscheme

Light colorscheme (solarized)

Screencast with light colorscheme


If you are a NeoBundle user, add the following line in your vimrc.

NeoBundle 'miyakogi/conoline.vim'

Then reload vim and execute :NeoBundleInstall.






Toggle on/off




If you want to automatically enable this plugin, add the below line in your vimrc.

let g:conoline_auto_enable = 1


You can define 'four' color-sets, each for dark/light backgrounds.

Please see the following examples. You can use the same syntax as used in colorscheme files.


When you set 'backround=dark'

let g:conoline_color_normal_dark = 'guibg=#333333 guifg=#dddddd'
let g:conoline_color_insert_dark = 'guibg=black guifg=white'
If you set 'background=light', change the suffix from 'dark' to 'light'.

Of course, you can set colors used in terminals.

let g:conoline_color_normal_dark = 'guibg=#333333 guifg=#dddddd gui=None '
                           \. 'ctermbg=grey ctermfg=white'
let g:conoline_color_insert_dark = 'guibg=black guifg=white gui=bold '
                           \. 'ctermbg=black ctermfg=white'

If you are using light theme (set background=light), please change suffix from _dark to _light.

Use colors defined by the colorschemes

You can use colors defined by the colorscheme, for either or both in normal/insert modes.

For example, if you use colorscheme's color in the normal mode, add the following line in your vimrc.

let g:conoline_use_colorscheme_default_normal=1

In this case, the options beginning with g:conoline_color_normal_ are ignored, and in the normal mode, color of the cusorline is defined by the colorscheme.

If you want to use the color set by the colorscheme in insert mode, use the following option.

let g:conoline_use_colorscheme_default_insert=1

Default values

" For dark colorschemes
let g:conoline_color_normal_dark = 'guibg=#181818'
let g:conoline_color_normal_nr_dark = 'guibg=#181818'
let g:conoline_color_insert_dark = 'guibg=#000000'
let g:conoline_color_insert_nr_dark = 'guibg=#000000'

" For light colorschemes
let g:conoline_color_normal_light = 'guibg=#eaeaea'
let g:conoline_color_normal_nr_light = 'guibg=#eaeaea'
let g:conoline_color_insert_light = 'guibg=#ffffff'
let g:conoline_color_insert_nr_light = 'guibg=#ffffff'

" Use colors defined by colorscheme in normal mode.
" let g:conoline_use_colorscheme_default_normal = 0
" Use colors defined by colorscheme in insert mode.
" let g:conoline_use_colorscheme_default_insert = 0