sidepanel.vim by miyakogi


A vim plugin to manage "sidebar type" plugins in a single window. This plugin currently supports NERDTree, TagBar, Gundo, Buffergator, and VimFiler by default.


Install plugin

If you are a NeoBundle user, add the following line in your vimrc.

NeoBundle 'miyakogi/sidepanel.vim'

Then reload .vimrc and execute :NeoBundleInstall.

Activate plugin

Add the following lines in your .vimrc.

" Set position (left or right) if neccesary (default: "left").
let g:sidepanel_pos = "left"
" Set width if neccesary (default: 32)
let g:sidepanel_width = 26

" To use rabbit-ui.vim
let g:sidepanel_use_rabbit_ui = 1

" Activate plugins in SidePanel
let g:sidepanel_config = {}
let g:sidepanel_config['nerdtree'] = {}
let g:sidepanel_config['tagbar'] = {}
let g:sidepanel_config['gundo'] = {}
let g:sidepanel_config['buffergator'] = {}
let g:sidepanel_config['vimfiler'] = {}


:SidePanel shows a list of available plugins. When you select a plugin and press enter, the plugin will replace the plugin list. If you have installed rabbit-ui.vim plugin and add let g:sidepanel_use_rabbit_ui = 1 in your vimrc, this plugin uses rabbit-ui to show the list.

:SidePanel nerdtree opens NERDTree. If another sidebar is exists, it will be replaced.

:SidePanelPosToggle toggles position of the sidebar, left to right, or right to left.

:SidePanelWidth [N] changes width of the sidebar to [N].

:SidePanelClose closes sidebar.

Screen casts

See this blog post (sorry, written in Japanese).